- Getting here

Macedonia is at the cross-roads of South Eastern Europe, which makes it an ideal transit and distribution center for products for European markets. The developed road and railway infrastructure, in combination with the small area of the country enables access to every inhabited place in Macedonia in less than 3 hours.

You can get to Macedonia by plane arriving on either of the two airports, Skopje Airport or Ohrid Airport If you choose to get here with a car, you can use the E - 75 international highway that crosses through the country and it is the common route for entering Macedonia. If you prefer travelling with a bus, Macedonia is well linked with its neighbouring countries and the European countries by regular as well as seasonal routes. Some of the cities from which there is a bus connection to and from Skopje are: Belgrade, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sofia, Ljubljana, Thessaloniki, Rome, Istanbul, Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hamburg and Geneva. There is a railway transportation too and the international Ljubljana - Athens railway line connects Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje, Thessaloniki and Athens.

Map of Macedonia - Мапа на Македонија- Getting around

If you prefer driving you can travel around Macedonia with a car or you can use the bus or railway transport.

- Bringing equipment

You can bring some equipment with you, as long as it’s not a lot of equipment and can be carried by you. Usually you won’t have any problem at customs if you bring basic equipment for an interview or small projects, like a camera, basic audio equipment, tape stock, laptop, tripod and even a small lighting kit.

- Visas

The citizens of the countries of the European Union and United States do not need visa to enter Macedonia. For more information visit

- Lodging

There are many lodging options in Macedonia for you, around 70 hotels from all kinds from hostels to 5-star luxury hotels. If shooting in rural areas, you may need to stay at the closest city, maybe 20 to 60 minutes away from the location. For prolonged stays or when time is of the essence, houses and apartments can be rented near the location.

- Cuisine

The traditional Macedonian cuisine is reflecting Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences and it is noted for the diversity and quality of its dairy products, wines and alcoholic beverages such as rakija. The national dish and drink are tavce-gravce and mastika. You can also taste the turli tava, pastrmajlija, stuffed peppers, pita, burek, ajvar, pindzur, kebapi, kachamak and many others.

- Time zones

The standard time zone is UTC/GMT + 1 hour The time zone abbreviation is CET - Central European Time

- Exchange rates

The official currency of the Republic of Macedonia is the Macedonian Denar (MKD). The denar exchange rate against the euro serves as a fundamental of the Macedonian monetary policy. Money supply and interest rates are dictated by the exchange rate target which is set at around 61 denars to 1 euro.

- Other info

Галичка свадбаSkopje, the capital of Macedonia is the birth place of Mother Teresa. In the city you can visit the Memorial House of Her. Galicka Svadba (Galicnik Wedding) In the village of Galicnik every year a festival is held in which a selected couple gets married in a traditional style.

In the past the wedding lasted for 5 days with the main activity held on 12 of July - St.Peter’s Day and this was the only period in the year when couples got married. Today this event is a part of “Galicko Leto” (Galicnik Sumer) the wedding lasts 2 days and it is held on the nearest weekend to the 12th of July.

- Spa tourism

Дебарско езероMacedonia is rich with an immense number of geothermal waters and a number of spas that were used for therapies even in the ancient times. They offer facilities for rehabilitation, treatment and recreation as well as accommodation. Banjsko (near Strumica) Katlanovo Spa (near Skopje) Banjiste Spa (near Debar) Kosovrasti Spa (near Debar) Negorci Spa (near Gevgelija) Proevce (near Kumanovo) Istibanja (near Kocani) Kezovica (near Stip)

Welcome and explore the natural beauty of Macedonia!